Missed opportunities


I never saw Mateo’s Tuttle. I never saw Paul’s Fool. I never saw Jude’s Conrad. I never saw Tomislav’s Doctor. I never saw Jane’s Alice.

I once read a book about travelling the world, in which the prologue stated baldly, “you can’t see everything.” Much of this prologue was devoted to pointing…

Attending TDM (presumably this is also true of SNM) is a lesson in appreciating what you can have, not cursing what you don’t get. So I prefer to think about the wonderful, amazing moments I’ve had.

This is indeed also true of SNM. A beautiful point to keep as one’s north star.

Once again, to the casts and crews that make both Sleep No More and The Drowned Man: in eternal gratitude for the magic you create and invite us into daily. Words are a little thing - so very little - in comparison to the gifts you’ve given through your work, but still: thank you. For every moment we can recall with a smile.

And you have given me so much to smile about over the past year.